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Sewing machine service technician training classes

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This is not a home-study, book or video. It is not an expensive apprentice type of instruction, requiring months of living expenses away from home. It is also not a factory training course where each student is provided with a factory new machine and exploring the same repair procedures that only applies to that one make and model. This type of training does not provide students with the knowledge to repair all of the thousands of other makes and models that are not covered in those types of courses.

The three day
basic repair class is an intensive three day basic training course where you will diagnose and service one or more malfunctioning sewing machines in the class after receiving the training. You will learn the various systems of sewing machines, how each system works and how to adjust it for proper operation. The basic class is the foundation for all service procedures and the basics must be understood before advancing to the next level. Click this link for more information: http://www.whitesewingcenter.com/cart.php

The 3 day "hands-on" advanced repair class explores more complicated procedures and students may repair an average of 5 or more machines each during the 3 day advanced class. Feel free to bring bring several machines to the classes. If you bring machines requiring normal service, you may complete several machines in the three day advanced course.
Click this link for more information: http://www.whitesewingcenter.com/cart.php

This is not a service shop where I repair machines for you. Many people save much more than the cost of the class in repairs they would have dropped off at the local service center.
As the economy slows, more people choose to have their older reliable machines repaired rather than buy new, so the demand for quality repair service business increases. About 50% of our former students have opened a full time or part time business for extra income. This is a class where I have combined the information from attending over a dozen manufacturer training courses and over 45 years of experience.

In conclusion,
My training classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge to service all sewing machines. It is not a speed contest to see how many machines can be patched up in three days. It is designed to learn how to thoroughly service machines to work as well as new.
If your goal is to learn how to become a competent service technician, you will receive that training in these classes.
If your goal is to bring several "basket case" machines for me to service at the class, you may prefer to contact your local repair shop.

All the "secrets" of the trade are revealed.
Looking for employment, or want extra income to supplement your retirement.
Start your own business.

There is a high demand for trained service technicians that have the knowledge to service all makes and models of sewing machines.

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We reserve the right to increase class fees at any time.
Please register early, as classes fill quickly.
Late registration results in some classes being cancelled or filled to over capacity which may create overcrowding. It is not fair to those who did register early. We also may decline your registration because the class is already full.
Therefore, we have implemented a graduated fee schedule. 
The class fee you pay will be determined by the date your registration is postmarked. The sooner you mail your registration, the lower your cost.

Please check our refund policy.
Refund policy

Registrations will be accepted in order of the postmarked date.
Mail your registration early and you will be in the class.
Wait, and your registration may be returned because the class is full.
Registration is no longer required if you like to gamble. You may arrive un-announced and pay the higher "at the door" fee IF seating is available.
Don't wait until it's too late.
I try to answer every possible question about classes through the following links. I have a heavy class travel schedule and may not be able to respond to e-mail questions immediately.

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Testimonials Success stories from graduates who opened a repair business.

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Class archives Click on the year to see: Graduation pictures - Completed classes and locations.


Students at work

Don't wait until it's too late.
When available seating for a class is filled, enrollment for that class will be closed.

Remember, many of these classes fill quickly, sometimes within a few days, and openings are limited. Reservations are confirmed in the order registrations are received by postal mail. If you have mailed your registration by postal mail, you may also contact me by e-mail or phone and I will hold a place for you in the class. In fairness to others who want to attend a class, please don't ask me to hold your reservation unless you plan to mail your registration within 24 hours.

NOTE: Spam filters, either through your individual computer settings or ISP blocks (especially AOL & earthlink), cause some of our replies to be rejected as spam. If you inquire about a class, please include your phone number so I may call you if your ISP or your spam settings refuse to accept my e-mail to you.

means the class has been scheduled.
We reserve the right to cancel a class due to medical emergencies or accident or if a low number of registrations may result in a loss to our business.
In the unlikely event of a cancellation,
Registered students will be notified 30 days in advance of the class start date.


Due to a heavy travel schedule, I will be scheduling fewer classes at fewer locations in the future. If you wish to attend a class, please consider registering for a class now.

Please check here often for updates.

2015 Classes

The 2015 class schedule will be posted before January.


If you are not satisfied with the course at the end of the first day, I will refund your deposit. That's right, you can attend the first full day & still get your money back.

Question: Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind at the last minute and don't attend the class?

No. Deposits are used to pay for the meeting room reservations, travel expenses and student supplies. Deposits are only refundable, in person, when you attend the first dayof class.

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