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Class of 2-19-03 (Ironton Missouri)

James ------ Mike ---- Linnie ---- Julie ---- Caroline ---- Linda ---- Tom
Indiana - Michigan --Oklahoma -Missouri --Indiana -- Missouri-- Indiana

Students at work
Class of 2-19-03


Despite the snowstorm and treacherous road conditions, these friends drove many long hours to get here. I feel very honored to have these wonderful people attend our class.

Class of 3-12-03 (Arthur Illinois)

Rudy (IL)----Dorothy (IL)-----Kathy (IL)-----Teresa (MO)-----Wayne (IL)----Andrew (IL)
Not in picture -------Melvin (IL)--------Lorene (IL)

Students at work
Class of 3-12-03

This class was hosted by Otto's Canvas Shop in Arthur Illinois. A special Thank you to Melvin and Annie for providing our personal accomodations and the classroom. Great Amish cooking, provided by our host and students, made this class a special treat.

Class of 7-19-03 (Indianapolis Indiana)

Front row: Kathy (In)--Diana (In)--Amy (In)--Debby (In)-- Lori (In)
Back row: Mark (In)-Ken (Wi)-Kendall (Mo)-Debbie (In)-John (In)

Students at work
Class of 7-19-03

Students eager to learn and many pleasant conversations with new friends made this class especially enjoyable. These hard working students repaired over 60 sewing machines during the class. Each student had a part in making this class very successful. A special thank you to Amy for providing my personal accomodations, many hours of help to locate a classroom and organize the class. Also a special Thank you to Tom, one of our former students, who shared his knowledge and assisted with many questions.

Class of 8-23-03 (Ironton Missouri)

Front row: Divna (Ca) - John (Mo) - Beatrice (Ar)
Back row: Terrie (Tx) - Ralph (Mo) - Paul (Ny) - Gary (Tx)
Another great class and seven more new friends. I look forward to meeting each one for more good times at future classes.

Class of 9-11-03 (Lake City Minnesota)

Front row: Cindy J. (Wi) - Sarah (Ny) - Leonore (Mn) - Bev (Mn) - Pat (Mi)
Back row: Debby (De) - Cindy P. (Mn) - Linda (IL) - Julia (Wi)

Nine more new friends and certified OSMG's (Old Sewing Machine Goddesses).
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A special thank you to Cindy P. for providing my personal accomodations, the classroom, organizing the class and a very enjoyable motorhome tour of the beautiful Minnesota scenery. Come join us for non-stop fun at the Lake City TOGA September 2004.

Class of 11-17-03 (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

Sandra (LA) -------- Don (LA) ---- Loree (LA) ----- Alex (LA)

Students at work
Class of 11-17-03

A special thank you to Don for sharing some of that great Southern hospitality during my stay at his home and for providing a classroom. Also, another special thank you to Loree for a very enjoyable guided tour of beautiful Baton Rouge after the class.