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Business Success Stories from former students

Hi Ray,
I have put magnetic signs on my car and started getting calls for repairs (did not count on so many). I have a person that lived right around the corner from me and he called he works at a tarp repair company the tarps that they repair is on semi's. He said that the person that they normally calls is running 4 weeks behind (he is the only on in town that works on commercial machines). He asked me if I worked on commercial machine and of course like my mentor and friend I told him yes and that I would be out first thing in the morning. Well when I got there he took me to the sewing machine and after a couple of hours I had it up and going. I asked him what I could do to earn his business and he told me that I had it from now on. Plus he gave me address and phone numbers of 9 other tarp shops. Well to make a long story short out of the 9 I have 4 and I still have 5 more shops to check on. Hope to have the other 5 called on this week. So far they all want me to come back every 3-4 weeks and service there machines and all have agreed to have me set a supply of repair parts that they might need. All has agreed to pay for the parts and the bins to put the repair parts in. I also did a repair on a long arm quilting machine (the manufacturer of the quilting machine lives in Paducah Ky.) They don't have a service rep in the Indiana area. The factory called me saying that they had heard about me through the women that I repaired her long arm quilting machine and they told me they were impressed with what the women had told them. They asked me If I could be their service rep for this area (imagine that this time last year I could even spell sewing machine repair man). It seems that everyday working on these things become easier and easier to diagnose.

Tom (class of 2-19-03)

 Unedited student comments:

Darlene: "This was probaby the best money I've spent in a long time. The class was presented in a down-home manner which made it stress free and easily understood."

Russ: "Very informative - presented in a logical, sequential manner."

Toni: "Excellent job. Delighted to be a part of your first class. Your knowledge & skills are very apparant. You really strive to please. Loved the demonstrations, practical information and hands on learning! Very useful!"

James: "Ray is a very knowledgable person. He is willing to share all of it with you."

Mike: "The presentation of information was well organized, presented in a logical progression, in an informal low intensity class. I would recommend this class to all who are interested in sew machine repair."

Linnie: "I thouroughly enjoyed the class. I like the thought process technique. Using logic is very good. I would recommend your class to anyone looking looking to get training."

Julie: "Enjoyed the class & learned things about the mechanics of the machine that will be helpful to me."

Caroline: "I went to class wth almost no mechanical knowledge and left feeling like I could get my sewing machines and my friends sewing machines in good working condition. I can't wait to get home."

Linda: "Very informative. Gave me the knowledge to go step by step and trace to see what problen can be solved."

Tom: "This has been one of the best experiences. Even though I have repaired a few machines I've still learned more and even easier way of doing things. Can't hardly wait until the advance class. I like the hands on experience. It is way better than reading a book and trying to learn. Ray teaches you to learn by using your head then use your hands."

Teresa: "I came to the class not knowing how a machine actually worked. I am leaving confident that I understand and can do minor adjustments on my own. This was exactly what I was expecting out of the course. Keep up the good work. Not many are willing to share their knowledge as you are."

Rudy: "It is a very worthwhile class for beginners and those who have repair experience."

Amy: "Wow! Ray made his procedures easily understood - answered all of our questions - took the time to help each individual student."

Ken: "Outstanding class. Great practical information. This will be of great benefit for me. The hands on with a variety of machines is vital to learning the process."

Kathy: "Very good class, especially for collectors, as exposure to various types and brands of machines are covered. All questions were answered. Good hints on tool usage for the novice. Really enjoyed the entire experience."

Kendall: "The instruction was great. Practical knowledge with hands-on experience makes the difference. Deductive reasoning to diagnose problemsis great. Nice supportative atmosphere for learning that is non-threatening."

Lori: "Enjoyed your enthusiasm and kindness. Excellent class. Thank you."

Mark: "This was a great class. Any person that has more than one machine and sews a great deal should really consider this class. I feel very confident in my ability to clean, adjust and repair any of our 6 machines & any that is brought to me, minus the computer models."

Debby: "Invaluable! I really learned a lot. I feel comfortable enough to be able to disassemble and reassemble my machines. It's so helpful to have fellow students around to troubleshoot and talk out "puzzles" - kind of like a study group. Very enjoyable."

John: "Enjoyed the class and instruction. Ray took the time to talk to each student at the level they ewre comfortable. I especially enjoyed the inspection demonstration."

Debbie: "Relaxed atmosphere made students feel they were capable reardless of their skill level or mechanical ability. Reviewing each day was very helpful. Having Ray "think" out loud all the steps to clean/check/repair a machine while doing so - on the 3rd day - helped me to not forget a step. Always willing to answer questions. Seeing so many different machines apart was helpful to understand/see the similarities (because the differences are always obvious)."

Ralph: "A very good class for the hobbyist who supports quilters, avid sewing fans or vintage sewing machine collectors. Ray's mechanical analysis and common sense approach to repairs and adjustments works well."

Beatrice: "The class and information was presented in a low key, friendly class room setting. Instructor knowledgeable in all makes and models of sewing machines and imparted information in a precise and simple format that any student could readily understand and apply. I heartily recommend this class."

Paul: "Thanks again for this excellent class."

Terrie: "I was so surprised that I learned so much about repairing machines. I have sewn for over 40 years and never new the basics on how a machine really forms a stitch. THANKS. I traveled from South Texas and it was beyond my expectations. GREAT CLASS."

Debby: "The class was great! You explain everything well and have a lot of patience! Thank you very much! I hope to attend another of your classes."

Julia: "Very well presented and explained. Ray is patient and sincerely wants everyone to understand what he is teaching."

Cindy: "Friendly - Relaxed - Fun. I got a machine to sew that I have been working on for a year a year and a half. This "method" works in all aspects of life."

Pat: "Loved the class, and had many "lightbulb" moments. Thanks!"

Sandra: "I learned more about sewing machines, operation, maintenance and repair in 3 days than I did in 22 years of using them. I do a lot of sewing for income and felt the class would benefit me in being able to maintenance my own machines but I learned so much more than that. Mr. Ray was very knowledgeable and able to relate that knowledge in a way most people can understand. I am extremely satisfied."

Loree: "OK, baby is sleeping and I want to tell ya'll about my Sewing machine class.
I took Ray White's class when he came down her a few weeks ago. I am SSSSOOOOO glad I did. After this class, I learned I can fix about 80-90 percent of all problems. Its amazing how not hard it was. He teaches it as more of a matter of figureing things out. I"m not really inclined for fixing any type of machines.
Among the things I learned: if you actually get your machine's tension ballenced, you can go from 8 layers of denim to 2 layers of thin sheer material w/o ANY adjustment and it makes a PERFECT STITCH. I had NO IDEA. Now my FW and my White machine are PERFECT.
I learned how to adjust the hooktiming. Its not NEARLY as hard as I thought! I thought you are supposed to always install the bobbin in the case with the thread going counterclock wise, this isn't always the case. I learned how to tell how to put the needle in any machine, I learned how to thread any machine. I'm no longer afraid to take the hood off and really GET IN THERE. I took apart the whole tension bushing on my Necchi, I really got in an old FW and cleaned it up, Played with my White, Learned a bit about wiring, learned abit abit about foot controls.
If you ever have a chance to take his class, I highly reccomend it. Ray is a wonderful man,
a great teacher. Kinda grandfatherly and VERY knowledgable. NAYY, but a VERY happy customer.
Of course now I have the problem of wanting to buy every old machine I come take it home and fix it. ;o)"

Malcolm: "Ray is a very experienced service expert knowledeable about almost all brands and models of sewing machines. Class members bring a great variety of machine(s) which means you learn about more than your own machine(s). He is honest to admit if he's not sure about some obscure machine. but it's also his method to have you find the answers after a day and a half of instructions and check list procedures to service a machine. I feel I saved more money in sew & vac repair than the cost of the class. It is informal and fun but he really cares that the students become good repair technicians. Even for non-techs like me. If you like sewing and sewing machines - find a Ray White sewing class-you'll love it."

Zinnia: "Enjoyed the class very much. Very good mix of people with great experience. Would possibly attend another class if it comes back to California next year."

Janet: "You have a great approach to providing an understanding to sewing machine operation and how to begin to solve potentially complex problems. Overall, the steps you outline give me confidence I can dig in further on my own."

Donna K: "The logic Ray taught in his class will be most valuable! Thinking like a sewing machine mechanic and following his sequence helped resolve my problems. Thank you Ray!"

Cathy: "Awesom class!! I thought I knew so much before this class. I now know I have so much more to learn, but I now have a very good base to start from. I feel very confident now !!!"

Chris: "Fantastic beginning course - Great use of time."

Robert: "Excellent class - Best three days spent in years. Ray's knowledge is extensive and he has the ability to share it."

Donna H: "Ray's a remarkably good teacher with an important technique to impart: Throw away your service manuals and learn to get analytical and you will be able to handle any machine. If I had it to do over again tomorrow, I'd jump at the chance. Thank you, Ray!"

Wendy: "As an enthusiastic student at the school of hard knocks, I had acquired bits and pieces of information. Ray helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together. I can't wait for the advanced class."

Lauren: "It's rare to find a masterful technician and teacher in the same package... Ray White is such an individual. Sharing a lifetime of skills and knowledge with his students is obviously his highest priority and he does so in a manner which empowers even the most tentative novice. Thank you Ray!"

Dennis: "Very informative - Appreciated the guidance on thinking things through - how to isolate & diagnose a problem."

Linda: "Got my thinking straight; Methodical survey of machine and it's workings well taught and invaluable - Even works with things that aren't sewing machines."

Madelyn: "Easy to follow instruction with Ray's logical way of looking at a problem."

Lisa: "This is an excellent course which will give you the thought process and skills to tackle any machine from a basic hand crank to a large commercial machine. All sewing machines are built to form a stitch. This is the most important thing I learned. Ray is an excellent instructor and a joy to learn from!"

Robert: "Excellent class, learned a lot of the small things that can make a big difference when repairing machines. Other students brought machines for repair was a big help."

Bob: "The only problem I saw was the amount of time spent on something not class related. Maybe making a video on different aspects of timing and adjustments."

Danny: "Very informative on basic concepts of sewing machines. Like the way it is taught, more one on one. Thanks"

Melanie: "This is an excellent class for a beginner or anyone who has been repairing sewing machines for years as a hobby. I would highly recommend this class for the excellent information given (including some "tricks" of the trade), plus Mr. White is a wonderful person and instructor."

Allison: "I have been waiting for a class like this for many years. Now I can tackle anything! Ray teaches a common sense approach to covering all the working parts of the sewing machine. So, now I can help my friends with their machines and develope a second business with confidence. Thank you Ray, you,ve made a difference in my life with your time , talent and willingness to share."

Ronnie: "For my first class ever, I have learned more in three days than I have in anything else I have ever done, as far as a class for learning. I feel like I can work on any machine, or try to figure it out."

Carlos: "I am very please to have attended Ray's sewing class. I have learned alot and it was fun, also easy to follow. Explanations of questions I had were made very clear. Thank you."

Jim: "Excellent presentation and easy to understand."

Edna: "This class gave me the confidence I needed to go on farther with my machines and friends machines. It may develope into more, time will tell. Knowledge& confidence go a long way. Wonderful help and Mr. White has the knowledge and experience."

Garrett: "The class was very enjoyable and easy to understand. Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Carlos: Was the best class I have ever attended, would take again.

Susan: If you only have the time or can afford to go to one sewing machine repair school, this is the one you want to go to! The knowledge and experience that Mr. White has is PHENOMINAL!!! And he is willing to share as much of that knowledge that you are able to absorb. His assistants, Carol Carney and Will McDonald are awsome and a wealth of knowledge also!

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