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Answers to the most common questions are listed below.

Question: Is this class a factory dealer training course that only covers their latest models?
Answer: NO. Factory dealer type training is very good, if you have a store selling that brand of sewing machine.
Factory type training is performed on a new machine that does not have the common issues that machines experience after a few years of use.
It does not explain procedures in a way that may be applied to all makes and models.
Many people attending a factory type training course find they have not learned how to time the hook or how to tackle varnish problems on other
makes of machines when they start repairs in the real world a few weeks after attending an expensive factory dealer course.

Question: I wish to learn electronic circuit board repair on my computer machine. Is this covered in the class?
Answer: Mechanical service on computer models is covered in my class. Other dealer type training courses train you how to use their test equipment (only available to authorized dealers) and how to change circuit boards, but will not train you how to repair circuit boards since the manufactures will not sell the repair components to anyone.

Question: Does the course offered by White Sewing Center explain procedures so they will apply to all sewing machines?
YES. Each procedure is explained in a way that may be applied to all sewing machines.

Question: How do I register for a class?
Answer: Click on the registration link for the class.

Question: How do I pay for the class?
You may make payment by Check, Money order or Cash. I cannot accept Debit or Credit cards.

Question: What is the cost of the class?
Answer: Please click on the registration link or call for current prices.

Question: I plan to wait until the last minute to register. Will you save a seat in the class for me?
Answer: It is likely students who did register early have already filled all of the available seats.

Question: What are the class hours?
Answer: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Crentral time.

Question: What do I need to bring to the class?
Answer: Scroll down and read below.

Question: I have saved ten "basket case" machines for the class that I tried to repair and now have everything out of adjustment. Will you repair these machines for me at the class?
No. This is not a repair shop where I perform repairs for you. Time does not permit servicing several machines that require major repairs in the class.

Question: What will I learn in the 5 day repair class?
Answer: The basic training is the most important requirement to become a competent mechanic. You will learn the various systems of sewing machines, how each system works and how to adjust it for proper operation. The basic training is the foundation for all service procedures and the basics must be understood before advancing to "hands on" service procedures. The "hands on" section of training covers almost any procedure you wish to explore. Please be aware that if you choose to service only " basket case" machines, you may only complete one machine in the alloted five days. If you choose to service machines with common problems, you may complete several in five days. You will learn much more by following quality service procedures on fewer machines than trying to patch up several machines in the course.

Below is a sample copy of the class information flyer. I'm sure you will agree almost any question you could have about the class will be answered in the flyer.

Many of these classes fill quickly and registration may be closed at any time.
Remember, nothing can happen until you register for a class.

Register for the class of your choice at:

Information for all repair classes


Sewing Machine Repair Class

I will post any last minute updates on our website

Please check it before you leave home.

The class hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mapquest link

Local Motels: for reservations

Fort Davidson Motel
Hwy 21 & 221
210 S. McCune St.
Pilot Knob Mo. 63663

Shepherd Mountain Inn
1321 N. Hwy 21
Ironton Mo. 63650

Arcadia Academy B&B
Lodging and Restaurant
211 S. College St.
Arcadia, MO. 63621

Nostalgic Place B&B
300 S. College St.
Arcadia, MO. 63621

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Please contact me if you need more information.

General Class information
This information applies to all repair classes

Click here to Contact me:

Ray White
3972 Highway O
Middlebrook, MO. 63656

Business/Home phone: 573-697-5841
Cell phone : 314-712-7811
Please try both numbers.

Please feel free to bring the following items: These suggestions are are recommended, not required.

1. *A simple sewing machine: In working condition, for the first two days of class instruction.We cannot use valuable class time on major repairs or searching for parts on the first two days.
More than one, or even several machines, is recommended for additional repair practice. You may also bring sergers, embroidery, or commercial machines if you wish. We can cover mechanical service on these as time permits.
2. Tools: Small screwdrivers, wrenches etc. that you already own. I do not recommend purchasing new tools before the class. I Have loaner tools for class use and tools for sale if you do not have them.
3. Notebook and pen.
4. Digital camera.
5. Tape recorder.
6. Needles: If your machine requires an uncommon needle system.
7. Anything else, such as fabric or thread you may wish to test sew.

I will supply normal test fabrics, thread, lubricants, common needles, tools and other items you will need to complete the class. I also have an assortment of common parts.

NOTE: If you choose to service a "basket case" machine that rusted, froze, and someone has attempted to repair and changed every adjustment, you may only be able to complete one machine in the five day course. If you bring machines requiring normal service, you may complete several machines during the five day course.
* Please let me know if you are unable to bring a machine to class.

Come prepared to have fun.

Please carry a copy of this information as you travel to the class.

Ray White


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