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Ordering Elna Parts
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Parts warranty

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Order form

If you wish to place an order, and the item is listed on our website, click on "Order form" below. I must be away from home much of the time and will ship orders that arrive soon as possible after I return home. Be aware shipping may be delayed at times due to covid19. Please allow time for the Post Office to deliver.I apologize for any inconvenience.

How to order:
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  Answers to your questions are just a quick click away.
It is much faster than than a phone call or e-mail so I can read the website text to you or paste the information that is already on the website into an e-mail .

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Elna parts

Please check our Elna parts page for the part you need before sending e-mail. elnaparts.php

If you are contacting me about Elna parts, not already listed on our website, elnaparts.php , have the TYPE (model) number available BEFORE you contact me. The TYPE number is the Elna model number, and is listed after "TYPE" on the plate near the receptacle on every Swiss made Elna. It wastes time and money if I must ask repeatedly for the Elna TYPE (Model) number so I may help you.

Elna SU, TSP, SP, or cute names such as grasshopper, etc. DOES NOT IDENTIFY YOUR ELNA MODEL and I will not be able to help you. I cannot wait on hold while you get the TYPE number. You must call back again after you do have the TYPE (model) number. Have the Elna TYPE (Model) number before you call.
Additional information to help identify your Elna model may be found here. elnaidentify.php

Why are TYPE numbers important?
The TYPE or MODEL number identifies your machine and is found on a plate near the Elna receptacle. For example; If you order a part for an Elna SU, that could describe several totally different machine models. However, If you inquire about parts for an Elna TYPE 62 SU, I know exactly what model you have.

Phone numbers Best way to contact me.
Business hours 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.      If you live in the Eastern time zone.
Business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.   If you live in the Central time zone.
Business hours 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.        If you live in the Mountain time zone.
Business hours 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.        If you live in the Pacific time zone. Click here for central time if you do not live in the United States . Check our time zone and please do not call before 9:00 AM Central time.

I may also be available many evenings
and Saturday up to 9:00 PM Central time.

I cannot control the Post Office or the weather. Please allow the Post Office time to deliver your package, before you make the "hurry up" call. The Post Office will likely deliver your package a day or two after you think it should arrive.
If you are requesting information about Elna parts, not listed on our website elnaparts.php , please have the TYPE (Model) number of your Elna available before you call.

Business: 573-697-5841 or
Cell: 314-712-7811

Since my last name is White, Google has mistakenly listed me as White Sewing Machine COMPANY. I am unable to help you with manuals or parts for white sewing machines or information about how to contact White Sewing Machine COMPANY.

To get a quick response to your question, please have the TYPE (model) number of your Elna available and call me at 1-573-697-5841.

I cannot control the Post Office, government customs agencies, or the weather. Please allow the Post Office time to deliver your package, The recent closing of our local Post Office will require weekly shipping and may cause a delay in shipping packages.

Please check our Elna parts page for the part you need before you call.
If you are requesting information about Elna parts, not already listed on our website, elnaparts.php , please have the the TYPE (Model) number of your Elna available before you call.

Postal mail

SHIPPING INFORMATION  If you are mailing or shipping packages to me.

Post Office, Fedex and
UPS shipping address:
White Sewing Center
3972 Highway O
Middle Brook, Mo. 63656

I do not recommend DHL as your package may never arrive.

Parts warranty

The short warranty version:

I break it, I pay for it.
You break it or burn it up, you pay for it.

All electrical parts are tested for proper operation and mechanical parts are inspected before I ship them to you. I cannot accept the wasted time and expense of shipping parts back and forth for you to test what is wrong with your machine, then refund if your guess was wrong. If you you destroy a new part during installation or order a new part for the sole purpose of testing it on your machine to see if that part is the reason the machine is not working, I will not refund and you will own the part.

The long warranty version:

 There has been a 600% increase in returned items since 2008. These parts were obviously ordered by customers only for the sole purpose to test diagnose the problem with their machine, then ask to return it for a refund if that part didn't solve the problem. Those items were the correct new part or a used part ordered by the customer that I tested and inspected before shipping, so I know it was not a defective part. Mechanical parts have been returned damaged by amateur installation and electrical parts fried because the "mechanic" incorrectly connected the wiring, or the customer simply changed their mind and decided to not repair the machine after ordering the parts.

  As you are probably aware, other companies have pages of warranty legalese to avoid honoring most any warranty claim. Just read the fine print in that wonderful 25 year warranty on your new sewing machine. It is actually a one year warranty and does not cover labor which is often jacked up to cover the cost of warranty parts. I refuse to mislead customers by writing pages of warranty legalese. However, I must protect my business from accepting returns for parts destroyed by amateur repairs or uninformed operators, then having parts returned for a refund.

 I will accept returns and offer an exchange for new parts, if you ordered the correct part number and I shipped the wrong part. (my error). The part must be returned in new, unused condition.

Motors and electronic parts warranty:
We test all motors and electronic parts for proper operation before shipping, so we know they are working before we ship them. I refunded the last new $400.00 circuit board after the customer connected the wires incorrectly and returned a fried piece of junk. Another circuit board was returned for refund when the customer installed our new board, then returned their old board for a refund. Yes, I have used a secret mark and other methods to identify many parts so I know if the returned part was the same part I shipped. Never again. This is not ebay or paypal where you can order a part, destroy it, then force the seller to refund.

  A new motor or circuit board may be fried instantly when connected to other malfunctioning components that may be in your machine. We cannot guarantee lightning won't strike your home and fry the new circuit board. We can no longer assume responsibility for untrained "mechanics" or replace or refund circuit boards, motors and other electronic parts that are damaged by improper installation or any other circumstances beyond our control. Therefore, I can no longer offer any refund or guarantee on any electrical product after I ship it. You break it or burn it up, and you own it.

Mechanical parts warranty:
I have no control over how you use your machine. I cannot guarantee the new pinion gear I shipped will not break when you abuse your machine trying to sew over a zipper or forced your household machine to sew 1/2" thick upholstery. I search for the highest quality parts available and they will last for years, if the machine is operated as the manufacturer intended. Therefore, I do not warranty mechanical parts for years, months, or even days after it has been installed.

      Updated 12/15/22