Overseas orders: Important information.

Most packages I mail outside the U.S. arrive at the destination within 14 days. However, customs agents in your country may choose to delay arrival for 6 to 12 weeks. I cannot control how fast customs will clear your package for delivery.

I can mail small, light weight items to customers outside the U.S. in a bubble envelope via first class mail, usually at a cost of $5.00 to $10.00. The U.S. Post Office does not provide tracking or insurance on first class mail and I cannot be responsible for slow delivery or lost packages.

If you wish to add tracking and insurance to your package, I will be happy to get a price quote for you. Please be aware the Post Office and Fedex usually quote $50.00 to $90.00 for shipping a small bubble envelope with tracking and insurance.

I have experienced hundreds of overseas packages arriving at their destination via first class mail with only a few being delayed by customs.

You may choose lower cost first class mail and you assume the responsibility for slow delivery or loss of the package.

Or you may choose the higher shipping cost with tracking and insurance and I will assist the shipper with any information they require to process your claim.

Accepted payment methods:
1. International Pink postal money orders
payable in U.S. dollars.
* Western Union International money orders in $U.S. www.westernunion.com See additional information below.
3. Personal or business check drawn on a U.S. Bank payable in U.S. dollars.
4. U.S. cash (at your risk).
5. All forms of payment must be made payable to Ray White.

We file accurate customs forms. We will not break the law by marking the package as a gift.
We do not accept paypal. Asking won't change my mind, but answering unnecessary questions could delay your order.
We do not accept credit cards.
We do not accept electronic bank transfers.

Western Union Payments:

Not reading AND following the instructions below WILL delay arrival of your order.

Please contact me BEFORE sending a Western Union payment.
I travel frequently and cannot always jump through the hoops as fast as Western Union demands. If I cannot pick up the money quickly, Western Union will cancel payment and you must send it again.
* Payment MUST be sent in $U.S. If you didn't read and sent funds in your local currency, it may result in insufficient funds arriving here. If insufficient payment arrives, you must send another Western Union payment for the difference before I will ship your order.
You may or may not be able to get a Western Union paper money order in your country. If you can, simply mail it to me with a copy of our order form and your order will be mailed promptly.

If  you use Western Union money transfer service  www.westernunion.com   please contact me before you send payment since I travel frequently and not always here to process payment and shipping quickly. I must have the following information in
Phone me at 1-573-697-5841 after you send the payment. I have wasted countless hours trying to get the information I need to collect Western Union payments and I can no longer search through 8 pages of e-mail trying to pick out scattered bits information I must have to make this work smoothly.

For example, if you use another persons e-mail account with one name in the sender line, sign your e-mail with another name, then sent the payment with your mothers name, I am unable to collect the payment. If you indicate your name is Jane Doe, and you send the payment from J. Doe, I am unable to collect payment. You MUST send money using ONE first name and ONE last name. I MUST have the information EXACTLY as you provided it to Western Union to send the payment.

Send the Western Union payment in U.S. Dollars.
NOTICE: Western Union payments MUST be sent EXACTLY as follows.
Western Union will require a sending address so payment will arrive at the proper location. NOTE: The State abreviation is MO., not MI. MN. MT.
The Western Union payment form payment address must be filled out payable to:

Ray White
3972 Highway O
Middle Brook, MO. 63656 -------

Phone: 573-697-5841
*Phone this information to 1-573-697-5841 after you send the Western Union payment, using the same EXACT information you provided to Western Union to send the money.

MTCN number _____________
Senders first name ___________
Senders last name ___________

Your mailing address exactly as you want it printed on the package. It must be the same exact name and address you provided to Western Union when you sent payment.

List of the items you wish to order, such as.
"Part #P220777 Friction wheel $24.00"
"Part #R-2K knob $15.00"
Postage cost as I quoted $_______

Total amount of payment sent in U.S. $.

  We cannot assume responsibility for your country's customs charges, late delivery or loss of the package due to customs or the Post Office. We mail packages first class mail. Very expensive insured delivery via air mail is available to most countries. Let me know if you wish to pay additional charges for insurance and I will be happy to check the cost of insured delivery from the Post Office for you, but it may take a few days to get back to you. We have received orders and mailed hundreds of packages overseas and have never had a payment or package lost. However, a payment or package could be stolen or lost someday. I cannot assume responsibility for package loss or damage due to the action of the Post Office or your countries customs agents.

 I cannot control how fast the Post Office delivers mail or how fast your country processes customs. MOST overseas packages arrive within 10 days after we mail it. However, your countries customs agents or the Post Office may delay delivery up to 30 days or more. Answering "HURRY UP" e-mail, before your countries customs agents or the Post Office has had time to process your package delivery only wastes time that I could use mailing other customers orders quickly and slows down delivery for everyone else. Uninsured packages mailed overseas are impossible to track, so I can't even guess when your package will arrive. If you are unwilling to allow time for package delivery, it may be best to not place the order.

A Western Union money transfer requires me to make a 30 mile trip to the nearest Western Union agent location and I usually make that trip weekly. Please allow time for your package to arrive.

Updated 06/15/21