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White Sewing Center


PHONE: The best way to contact me.

Business: 573-697-5841

Cell: 573-631-9046

NOTE: For questions about repair classes, please call the following numbers. Please try both numbers until I answer, as I may be able to answer at only one of these numbers.

Please keep trying both numbers until I answer and do not just leave a message, as I may not receive it for several weeks at a time.

Ray White

I live in a rural area where cell phones, landlines, e-mail and internet access are not always dependable.
Let it ring. I cannot always answer on the first ring. I may be away from home or out of cell phone service range for days or weeks at a time. Also, I may be traveling through several frequent "no service" areas where cell phones do not work. Please keep trying to call both phone numbers at various times.


To get a quick response to your question about repair classes, please call me at 1-573-697-5841.

E-mail subject lines such as "no subject", "question"or "scan001" will be considered spam and deleted.
Do not send questions as an attached document. It will be considered spam and deleted.

NOTE: Please be aware I cannot access my home business computer to read or answer e-mail while I'm traveling to my repair classes. It could be several weeks before I read your e-mail. If you need a quick answer, please contact me by phone.

Check my website
If I am away at a repair class, there may be additional phone numbers listed where I may be contacted.



White Sewing Center
3972 Highway O
Middle Brook, Mo. 63656

Please be aware I am unable to read or respond to mail until I return home from classes. If you need a quick answer, please contact me by phone.

Updated 07/03/17