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Student cancellation

You may cancel your reservation for a class and request a refund for your deposit up to 60 days before the class starting date. We must receive your request to cancel by postal mail, with a SASE envelope for return of your deposit, no later than 60 days before the class starts.

If we receive your cancellation request within less than 60 days remaining before the class starts, your deposit is non-refundable, however, you may apply it to a future class.

Satisfaction guarantee

Deposits are used to pay expenses and are refundable , only in person, under our satisfaction guarantee, anytime during the first day of training.
On the first day, you will decide if the class is worthwhile, and if not, your deposit will be cheerfully refunded with no further obligation.
If you simply change your mind and don't show up for the class the deposit will not be refunded.

However, I understand emergencies can happen, so you may choose to apply the deposit to any future class.

We do not refund deposits under our satisfaction guarantee if you change your mind and do not attend the first day.

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