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Learn how to service sewing machines through "hands on" training and open a profitable business or save money on your own repairs.

This is not a book, video or home study course.

This course is the same type of "hands on" training offered to authorized sewing machine dealers

A Sewing Machine Solution

Welcome to my home page.

Want to save money $$$$

Want to repair your sewing machine?

Want to open your own business?

Visit my repair room.

Hello, My name is Raymond White. I have serviced sewing machines for over 50 years. When I was a child, I was always curious as to what made something work. A new toy for christmas was dismantled in 24 hours. I had to know how the spring driven motor worked. Eventually, I learned how to re-assemble & repair these toys. When I was 12 years old, my grandfather built a small shop for me, and I became the local fix it place. I was soon known as the kid who could fix most anything and the joy of making something work was my pay. My (customers) never let me down, they always insisted on paying for repairs. Sometimes, it was a dollar, other times payment was another broken item I could fix and sell. WOW! at 12 years old, I had my own business and always had money in my pocket. In the early 50’s, a 12 year old with $10.00 in his pocket was considered rich.

At 21 years of age, I bought two buildings on main street in our small town, started my sewing machine business. My best friends, were local businessmen in their 40’s.

My home page is dedicated to my Mother & Father who put up with my "fixing" everything in sight. My wife, Linda, who has supported me in every way. Larry Baird, the local banker, who personally loaned me $500.00 when I didn't have the down payment the bank required to purchase the store. Alfred "Rosie" Cler, the businessman who filled my store with merchandise, with a “handshake” as our only contract for payment. Willard Martin, the local antique dealer, who provided encouragement & advice.To these special people, I am forever grateful.

How did I learn to repair sewing machines? First, as a teenager, I made rules to follow when making repairs on anything. Later, I attended every sewing machine repair course made available to me by the big name sewing machine distributors.

In October 2002 I opened the first professional manufacturer type "hands on" sewing machine repair classes ever offered to the general public. Since then, it has grown to include travel and make training available to people in several different States. It has been very rewarding to see people become empowered to repair their own machines or open a successful new business.

1. Locate where the problem is before opening the tool box.
2. When you say (I know I can fix this), open the tool box.
3. Never dismantle any more than necessary to make repairs.
4. Stop, before you get that feeling, (I’m not sure I can re-assemble this), and put it back together NOW.
5. If you're not confident you can fix it, ask for advice, or take it to the local expert.
6. Use the proper tools.


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Thank you for visiting my web page.

 Ray White
White Sewing Center

 3972 Highway O
Middle Brook , Mo. 63656
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