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Sewing machine repair training class click here

Learn how to service sewing machines through "hands on" training and open a profitable business or save money on your own repairs.

This is not a book, video or home study course.

This course is the same type of "hands on" training offered to authorized sewing machine dealers

We buy used Elna and Bernina Sewing Machines, books, parts and accessories.

Please quote your price, including shipping to me, with your first offer to sell. Only you know your selling price.

E-mail with "What will you pay for...........?" may be deleted. I cannot offer free appraisal service.

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Note: I may be away from home and unable to answer quickly.

Change your spam filters. Add my name to your address book BEFORE YOU E-MAIL ME. Include your phone number. Your ISP or your spam filter settings may reject my answer to you.
I do not fill in forms requesting permission to allow mail to be delivered to your mailbox. Add my name to your address book before you hit send.

Due to the increase in virus and spam, we may delete your mail if it does not have an acceptable subject line I can identify as a business transaction.

Acceptable subject lines are " ( Make and model number) Sewing machine" For Example: "Elna 62C Sewing machine".
Mail with a blank subject line or not related to a specific sewing machine subject, such as "question" or "no subject", may be deleted as possible spam or virus.

Please include copies of ALL previous correspondence with each new e-mail.

How to buy used mint condition sewing machines at bargain basement prices.

Step 1. Buying the machine.

A. Decide what make and model you wish to buy.
B. Check the internet auction sites and free classified sites for that make and model.
C. Buy 20 sewing machines. Only about 5% of machines advertised as "mint" or "like new" are actually even close to "mint" or "like new", so with lots of luck one of the 20 may be near new condition .
D. Be sure you know exactly what "this machine has been serviced" means. "Serviced" may mean anything from "the light turns on" to a complete service, cleaned and adjusted to new factory specifications by a trained professional. Only about 5% of sellers actually pay the $100.00 and up fee for qualified professional service before selling the machine.
D. Hope the machine you paid for actually arrives and has been packaged well so it is still in one piece.

CLICK HERE To see one of the "Shows very little use, serviced by an authorized dealer" bargain machines.

STEP 2. Service.

A. OK, now you finally own that elusive "mint condition" machine with an investment of only $6000.00 to $10,000.00, but it doesn't sew well.
B. You could take it to a trained sewing machine technician for a complete service. Cost may be $100.00 or more, plus parts.
C. You could professionally service it yourself. Acquiring the necessary training would require opening a store, buying an authorized dealership and the tools to service sewing machines. Then attending several training sessions to learn the service trade. Cost $100,000 and up.
D. You now own a true "Mint condition" collectible sewing machine for the bargain basement price around $110,000.


You could purchase it from someone who has already paid the necessary investment costs, provides an honest description and a guaranteed product at a fair price.

I will not attempt to compete, on price alone, at the expense of quality and integrity.

There will always be someone who will sell a little worse product at a little cheaper price and offer no service after the sale.

We have no quarrel with others who sell for less. They know what their product and service are worth.

Ray White
White Sewing Center

3972 Highway O
Middle Brook, Mo. 6365

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